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Immunoassay Kit for Quantification of BNP and proBNP US 9145459

The present invention relates to an immunoassay for detection of BNP, proBNP and fragments thereof. Essentially the assay comprises: a) contacting the antigen with a first antibody specific to a fragment corresponding to amino acids 11-22 of BNP, or to a part of this peptide comprising at least three amino acids of said sequence, to obtain a first order immune complex. b) contacting the first order immune complex obtained at step (a) with a second antibody recognizing said first order immune complex, to obtain a second order immune complex, wherein said antibody is unable to recognize free BNP, proBNP or free first antibody; c) Detecting the second order immune complex.

Detection of Cardiac Muscle Necrosis by Immunoassay and Appropriate Antibodies thereforEP 0965043 FI 104857

This invention relates to clinical diagnostics and more particularly to the diagnostics and therapy follow-up of heart muscle necrosis. The invention concerns with a new approach to monitor the condition of heart by leakage of two proteins, troponin I and C, from necrotic heart muscle.

Method and Kit for the Diagnosis of Troponin IUS 7285418 EP 0938687

The objects of this invention are (1) An improvement in an immunoassay method for assaying human cardiac and skeletal troponins I (TnI) in a sample taken from the blood stream of a patient; (2) A kit for use in an improved diagnostic immunoassay method for assaying troponin I in a sample from the blood stream of a patient; and (3) An improved troponin I standard preparation for use in the method and kit according to the invention.

Stable Standards for BNP ImmunoassaysEP 2084544 CN101641601 CA 2669024

This invention relates to BNP antigen, and particularly to use of a new stable from of said antigen as a standard or calibrator in immunoassays measuring BNP immunoreactivity.

Immunoassay for Quantification of an Unstable Antigen Selected from BNP and proBNPUS 9034591 US 9034592 JP 5686593

This invention relates to immunoassays, and provides an immunoassay method for detection of unstable antigens. The method is specifically suitable for detection of BNP, proBNP and fragments thereof.

Detection of IGFBP-4 Fragments as a Diagnostic MethodEP 2448969 US 9012610 JP 5840605

This invention describes a method for diagnosing of cardiovascular diseases, which comprises detection of IGFBP-4 (insulin-like growth factor binding protein-4) fragments in patients’ blood. It provides antibodies as well as epitopes for antibodies, specific to proteolytic fragments (both N- and C-terminal) of IGFBP-4 originated from IGFBP-4 molecule after its cleavage by specific protease PAPP-A. Antibodies could be used for development of immunoassay methods for quantitative or qualitative detection of IGFBP-4 fragments in human blood.